ETTAS Eclectic Food + Drinks combines traditional Filipino flavors with fresh, new presentations and stimulating taste combinations. The restaurant is located at Ayala Center Cebu.
To present ETTAS' unique dining concept, we created a digital menu to cater to their sophisticated, tech-savvy market. The team did everything from the photography, food styling and art direction for the project. All marketing materials and collaterals were designed with the specific black theme, illustrations and photos.
For their social media content, we created a series of videos revolving around the restaurant's dishes and ingredients. The first video series, Eclectic Food Challenge showed some foodies trying Ettas' fresh new spin on familiar Filipino recipes. The second video series with a behind-the-scenes Kitchen To Table concept, brought viewers up close and personal with what goes on with Ettas' bestselling dishes in the kitchen before being served to customers.

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