Hello, I'm Mish. My journey in the world of visual arts began with a childhood love for drawing and later expanded to include photojournalism at the age of ten and self-taught graphic design at fourteen. Today, I work as a Freelance Art Director and Visual Artist, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My creative approach seamlessly blends visual storytelling and design thinking, enriched by cultural insights and marketing strategies. These diverse experiences enhance my ability to craft designs that are both visually appealing and in sync with current trends.

My career in the arts and design field has been both varied and dynamic, spanning over a decade. It started in Cebu, Philippines, where I collaborated with local brands and held the role of Art Director at White Brick Creative Studio for four years. In 2020, I transitioned into freelance work, eventually taking on roles as a Creative Lead for Marketing at a SaaS company in Los Angeles and an Art Design Lead at BreederDAO, a blockchain startup specializing in play-to-earn NFTs for web3 games and digital fashion. 

Furthermore, I've made contributions to the local art scene as an Illustrator collaborating with both local and national companies in the Philippines.
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