I've always been a visual person; ever since I was a kid, I have loved drawing. At ten years old, I got introduced to Photojournalism, and at fourteen, I taught myself graphic design. I did not realize a simple "hobby" would turn into a profession. Fast forward to 16 years, I still find myself fascinated with the ever-changing landscape of art and the intersection of design and technology. Currently, I am working as a Freelance Art Director and Multidisciplinary artist based remotely in Southeast Asia.

My creative approach combines visual storytelling and design thinking backed by cultural insights and marketing strategies. I am influenced by the multitude of experiences I obtained as an artist and designer, helping me create design work that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also relevant to the times.

In the middle of the pandemic, I founded the Kink-Mink workshop in 2021. It was a passion project that turned into an outlet for multiple arts and design explorations. However, the workshop was put on hold when I came to work as the Creative Lead for Marketing at Aloware, a tech startup based in Los Angeles, USA. I built their current brand bible and visual language, applying this in their marketing efforts such as retargeting ads, videos, website image redesign, and social media and blog content.

Prior to that, I was an Art Director for White Brick Creative Studio and Digital Designer and Video Editor for Chalkola. I constructed our clients' objectives into consumer-oriented strategies. I pushed thoughtful and creative design into content for campaigns and experiences, working throughout graphic design, photo, video, mix-medium typography, editorial and social media. I experimented with my teams to push the boundaries of art and design, redefining content with creativity and purpose.

In my earlier days as a multidisciplinary artist, I have been involved with our local art industry as an Illustrator and Watercolor Artist, participating in local exhibits and talks. I also worked with local brands and a small design studio, creating multiple design work and brand content for local and national companies within the Philippines.
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