Boysen: #SetinColor

Boysen is the number 1 recognized paint manufacturer in the Philippines. Every year, the company releases their own set of color palette known as Color Trends. For this year, they decided to launch their latest palette trend in Cebu City.

The Project

A number of large scale sets with a respective color palette were placed at some of Cebu City’s iconic locations and convergence areas. The Set in Color installations were placed in a different location every Sunday for the whole month of May 2018. The color palettes were carefully chosen to compliment the set and the area where it will be located. Bright, bold colors for a summer vibe at a mall, dark shades of violet and green contrasting the iconic Magellan’s Cross, 


Concept Development
Production Design
Video and Photography


Production Design: Archt. Kaloy Uypuanco
Art Direction: White Brick Creative Studio
Video and Photography: Jude Crisostomo, Stephanie Tudtud, Mish Abalos, Alexa Crisostomo
Agency: White Brick Creative Studio

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